PCS| Ashley Madison Summary Data and Paid for Delete for SC

The Ashley Madison Agency, established in 2001, is home to around 33 million users. Of the 33 million users from around the world, about 0.6% were from South Carolina. With that being said, South Carolina has been ranked at number 36 for most unfaithful state in America.

While analyzing the data from South Carolina, we found 218,840 users signed up for service. That is a staggering 85% male and 15% female. If you crunch those numbers is comes to 185,700 male users and 33,140 female users.

These users may have never paid for the service offered but they did create a profile. Ironically, we also found that there were 2,015 users in South Carolina that had paid for their account to be deleted. That means 1% of South Carolina users paid for delete. Of the 2,015 South Carolina users that paid for delete, 1,857 were male users and 158 users were female.

It has been interesting to learn about the users involved in the Ashley Madison leak. We analyzed the data with social media platforms and learned more about the people who had signed up with Ashley Madison. However, due to legal concerns, we will only be sharing summary data here.

In the coming days, we will release more data and analytics regarding Ashley Madison users from South Carolina.